Swimming in Circles

 A longtime fisherman turned marine journalist, Molyneaux is the author ofThe Doryman's Reflection (2005). In his second investigative book, he reports on the state of aquaculture with brio and concern, focusing on the farming of salmon and shrimp off the coasts of Maine and Mexico. As the global demand for seafood and the reach of fishing technologies exceeded nature's supply and fisheries collapsed, aquaculture was touted as the solution. But as Molyneaux painstakingly chronicles, problems abound. Viruses attack tightly packed farm populations and rapidly spread to wild fish. Antibiotic-laced feed and pesticides used to control parasites have infiltrated the food chain. On the social-justice side of the equation, local fishermen have been pushed out by corporate multinationals. A veteran of myriad industry and government meetings, a thorough reader of reams of data, and a tireless interviewer and traveler, Molyneaux vividly portrays aquaculture players and critics and offers a scathing indictment of the fishing industry's failure to recognize the drastic toll of overfishing and the environmental hazards of aquaculture. 

 Donna Seaman, Booklist

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